a rabbit's good bye

May 5, 2009
He sits and waits,
Alone in the silence,
For his one and true best friend.

He perks his ears for the pad of feet,
His rabbit in the brush.
And through the green his friend appears.

Calm serenity shatters
And breaks like glass
When cracking gunshots sound.

Dreams slip away
One cruel final time
A soft metal CHINK!
The silver shell, a falling dime.

Dreams so fragile, they flutter by.
Colorful, swift, a butterfly.

Violence breaks their tight embrace,
The venom of a thousand snakes.

A smile plays across his face,
And a tear,
Rolls down his rabbit’s cheek,

It whispers a soft “ Good bye,”
“May you find what it is you seek,
In that ranch up in the sky.”

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