Slavery Times

May 5, 2009
By CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Blood brewin',
Skin burnin',
Ol' massa made sure us ladies was watchin'
The black whip slashing their bodies,
Do we deserve this,
We didn't hurt nobody.
And when ol' massa had finished his dirty deed,
He grinned an ugly grin
Cuz' he thought he had just diminished another slave's manhood.
I guess the white man didn't know,
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Some slaves have been sold
Without ever being told
Slaves mothers grieved
When ol' massa told them their newborn baby was not to keep
Families torn, Our mothers scorned,
Before we were even born

Those times are over
The slavery times
I'm a slave no more
I'm a survivor

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