In My Own Little World

May 5, 2009
By Muh-ree-uh PLATINUM, Springboro, Ohio
Muh-ree-uh PLATINUM, Springboro, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"This one's for the girls who have ever had a broken heart, who have wished upon a shooting star, you're beautiful the way you are..."
-Martina McBride

The jade blades spike out of the soil like spokes on a wheel maneuvering through cluttered waves
The lapping of the water is a giant slapping his leg to the beat of a drum
A swan leads its young like a schoolchild playing follow the leader
The sky is a blanket of somber blue like a violin harmonizing a tune
The clouds float across heaven like angels in long dresses
A fish shimmies through the water as graceful as a ballerina spinning on her toes
The water is calm and peaceful like a baby bird learning to fly; flapping its wings for the very first time
The sun begins to rise awakening the rest of the world like a rooster’s first crow interrupting a beautiful dream
A moment I will not soon forget in my own little world

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