The Song of Darkness

May 5, 2009
By , Toledo, OH
People say that darkness is an enemy,
I don’t believe it- darkness is a friend to me.
The Darkness of the night is a friend,
So it shall remain until the very end.
Some use Darkness for their own gain,
I use Darkness because I love it just same.
The Moon is laughing at the fools of Day,
In all their shallow, thoughtless, mortal ways.

Day may be bright,
But Darkness is when we have true sight.
Come dance under the full Moon
Forget all about the troubles of high Noon.
The Moon is full from a month of Moonshine stew.
Come drink it with me, you’ll soon be glowing too.

The Faeries, they all dance a graceful Nighttime dance
Putting all humans in a dream-filled trance.
Singing mournfully in the meadow,
The tearful song of a heartbroken widow,
Is the beautiful Morgan le Fay,
How her spirit so gently sways.

And in Darkness, the shadows of Night
Slowly join the chorus. Oh see Magic sight.
As we watch the Magic scene before the light of dawn
Know that you must return before the Night is gone.
But, one more dance is all I ask of you -
One last magic waltz before I must leave too.

See the trees twirl around and around and around
Dancing to the tune of Morgan’s lament’s sound.
And before the Sun rises in the Sky East
Join the Moon’s joyful Midnight feast.

And soon the last shimmering Star will say
“Alas, good-bye, just remember this mortal way:
Some use Darkness for their own gain,
We use Darkness because we love it just the same.
I am sure we shall meet again sometime,
Daylight isn’t the time in that age old rhyme . . . ”

Alas, farewell! Remember me with this song,
Come dance under the Moon before the year is gone.

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