May 2, 2009
By KiyMomo GOLD, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
KiyMomo GOLD, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
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High school.
We’re almost there.
It’s a big step-up
from middle school.
It changes people.

Tomboys go girly,
short guys get tall.
Life-long friends can drift apart.
(Shorter friendships—
are just that much easier,
to break.)
solid as gold—
are melted down,
to dust.

It’s evil…
but it’s life.

So if we walk
way from each other now,
we’ll never look back.
We’ll be hard as stone
as our peers push—
our teachers pry—
and let their words rebound off.
There word’s ain’t water—
and that’s what’ll take,
to break down the
electric-fence guards
we’ve installed upon ourselves.

I don’t want you to move on without me.
So why bicker—
why fight—
when our time
may be limited?

Maybe I deserve it.
Maybe I’ve been stubborn.
Maybe it’s on me—
maybe it’s on you—
I don’t know.
I don’t care.
But I do care
if two years from now
I can’t even pick
you out of a crowd.
And I care—
if you leave without knowing,
how much our friendship means
to me.

Because I’m ready for high school.
Ready for changes…
just not ready to lose you.

Our friendship was just in its twilight…
…but now we’ve reached a new moon…
…oh, please, don’t let this be an eclipse!

I’m ready—
I’m set—
don’t go.

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