I can't see you through those bloodshot eyes.

May 2, 2009
By Brittanyxo87 BRONZE, South Hadley, Massachusetts
Brittanyxo87 BRONZE, South Hadley, Massachusetts
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Can you put that down?
You’re only doing it
Just so can say you did.
Are you really enjoying this?

Because I’m not.
I’m seeing a friend
Slowly and unknowingly,
Fade away.

You want me to join you.
I decline,
You scream and yell,
I’m not cool?

Look at you.
Is this how you want to live?
Imagine yourself in a few years.
If there will be a few years.

I think back to when
We promised this wouldn’t happen.
Back to when
You were you.

Now you’re just a shadow in my past.
Thought that friends were forever,
And promises were to be kept.
But I guess that’s another thing you get to break.

The author's comments:
this is about how i feel about a friend who did drugs..

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