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May 1, 2009
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She sits in the back on the floor
she's crying
what else can go wrong she screams
everything is wrong and she does not want to live another day

her dad kicked her out,
her parents refuse to watch her graduate
her sister is the princess
and to top, her job brings the stress

what did i do, she thinks
why is this happening?
she is cold.
she is scared.

she doesnt know what to do anymore
she has to sneak back in her house so she has a place to sleep
her dad yells.
she cries.

she has some friends though,
they love her dearly
especially me.
she rox my sox!

she is always there for me
through all her greif, pain and stress
she is there
she listens

She helps me with problems, boys, school, work,
shes there
but i dont know how to help her
i just dont know.

she is my friend
as i am hers
i dont want her to go,
i want her to stay.

i dont know what id do without her
our blizzard dates, crying in the back, talking and S Club 7
good times...
i will never forget

if she was gone
i would miss her
i would be sad
i would cry.

thats my friend
written with an HB Pencil

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