May 1, 2009
By Anonymous

we used to be friends
we used to be best friends

sometimes i wonder
sometimes i guess

what it would have been like to still be best friends
what if we could do that, all over again

we had the best of times
we went through pure crap

sometimes we laughed, giggled, danced
sometimes we fought, got mad, cried

what i wouldn't do to have those times back
what i wouldn't do for things to be back the way they were

we spent time crying over friends, birthdays and boys
we laughed about how we would grow old (hue!)

sometimes we'd swing, took pictures and danced
sometimes we'd just talk.. till good morning song came

what if i had never met you, in practical arts
what if we had never had all those fun times

we just moved our separate ways
we just stopped talking

sometimes we see each other
sometimes we talk

i want things to be back
i want to be best friends again

i miss our laughs, talks, and cries

Do you?

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