Seeking Salvation

May 3, 2009
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I walk down dark hallways
I swim through deep yet shallow waters.
I am not afraid of dark alleys,
But fear the bustling streets.
My left is now my right,
In this wayward reality called, life.

I could act super cool
If I new what that was.
I could be totally athletic
If I actually had that stamina.
I could be a singer or an actor
But the pieces don't mesh together.

How does someone like me
Then progress in life?
I have no set identity,
No mark on my chest.
I'm stuck below mediocrity
With a mind filled with dreams.

I'm an existentialist,
Trying to apply meaning to life.
But all I get is this hollow,
Purposeless feeling within.
I know there's a light
That hidden deep within
But the darkness
Envelopes everything.

Thump, thump-
That's life calling out to me.
The air in my lungs is
Salvation screaming out my name.
It's so close
I'm sure I can grasp it,
But this is the end,
This is my last breath.....

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