Seeking Salvation

May 3, 2009
By Renee Joseph BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
Renee Joseph BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
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I walk down dark hallways
I swim through deep yet shallow waters.
I am not afraid of dark alleys,
But fear the bustling streets.
My left is now my right,
In this wayward reality called, life.

I could act super cool
If I new what that was.
I could be totally athletic
If I actually had that stamina.
I could be a singer or an actor
But the pieces don't mesh together.

How does someone like me
Then progress in life?
I have no set identity,
No mark on my chest.
I'm stuck below mediocrity
With a mind filled with dreams.

I'm an existentialist,
Trying to apply meaning to life.
But all I get is this hollow,
Purposeless feeling within.
I know there's a light
That hidden deep within
But the darkness
Envelopes everything.

Thump, thump-
That's life calling out to me.
The air in my lungs is
Salvation screaming out my name.
It's so close
I'm sure I can grasp it,
But this is the end,
This is my last breath.....

The author's comments:
All through our lives we try to conform to society's expectations and always search for some sort of identity without ever really fully accepting ourselves. It's all about accepting yourself for who you are not to meet other's expectations!

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