My creation, My child

May 1, 2009
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The beginning starts here,
I am your creation, your child
The beat of my heart begins, as
You breath life into my soul

The journey now takes place, feet begin to race, as i begin to crawl, begin to walk
I start to stand tall, and there you are, grasping on to my hand

My adventure begins,
young and free, moving as though
nothing can break me
falling and stumbling, searching for the strength to move, to run
lost in the world, hidden behind lies, trampled on by my sins
life's leaving, heart slowly stops beating

My savior comes now,
face down,tears streaming
as my heart begins singing your praise, I feel your hands, I hear your voice "come my creation, come my child"
my sins you have forgotten and me you have remembered

Oh father help me make my path straight, so i may come home with you threw that gate

Time stops here,
hands held high, head hung down
standing in your sweet presence
surrounded by your peace
now this place i shall leave,
as I see your face, stand there
with arms reaching out,
"walk with me my creation, run with me my child, it's time for your real beginning in me"

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