In My Dreams

May 1, 2009
By myla granger BRONZE, Duluth, Minnesota
myla granger BRONZE, Duluth, Minnesota
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whispers in the dark trying our hardest to stay awake
phone pressed to my ear and lights out all over town
laugh your quietest we're the only ones awake
wouldn't want to take them away
from their dreams 'cause you know we'd both hate
it if someone wrecked ours
hushed secrets that nobody else could guess
but it's instinct to believe you
and know you'll trust me too
the clock strikes four a.m.
amazed grins spread like
love and lust tangle tonight,
clash their horns
and then walk hand in hand
i hear you breathing
and it seems
to call the sun up
you spent the night with me
just not in my bed

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