Back Again

May 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Back to the old ways can it be?
I've tried so hard to run away from who I used to be.

Hide the addictions. Hide the hurt.

Hide the truth about all the pain.

I keep coming back to this big black hole.

I can't get away. I run and run and somehow it finds me.

I keep crawling up the edges but the rocks keep breaking under me and I fall right back down.

The addiction is so hard when they keep slapping you in the face.

You need something to run to, a place to hide, somewhere to turn when that special someone lies.

When you've let your guard down and feel all alone.

Where is there to turn but that big black hole.

You find the one cure to this unhappy mess.

One cure to forget what they've done, to forget the hurt and dismay.

One cure to forget how far you've run.

Will this addiction ever be over... Will it ever fade away.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem during a time I was battling with drug addiction.

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