Through My Eyes

April 30, 2009
They think it’s an act
That I just want their sympathy
The thing is I could really care less
My feelings easily show and people act like they care
They ask me what’s wrong but I don’t answer
They wouldn’t understand
No one really does
I don’t expect them too
They only care because they treat it like gossip
My inner feelings spread like wild fire
People try to talk to me
I just walk away
They don’t need to know
But of course they think they do
Everyone says they can help
But I don’t want or even need their help
I prefer my own little world
Where no one knows my feelings
Where everything is better
But of course that place is only in my mind
Hidden from everyone
They try to break my barrier
But I do my best to keep it strong
They don’t need to know
And they never will

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