Ali Milton

April 30, 2009
By AshleyElizabeth GOLD, Abingdon, Illinois
AshleyElizabeth GOLD, Abingdon, Illinois
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I felt huge.
Skin came over my jeans.
I looked in the mirror
And I was disgusted with myself.
I walked into my bathroom
And went over to the toilet.
I did what I usual did..
I shoved my finger down my throat.
There wasn’t anything in my stomach
But why take the chance of gaining more weight?
My mom noticed my eating habits.
She said I had a choice of therapy or an eating disorder camp.
I chose the camp.
I still didn’t eat there
And I felt worse than before.
I was puking without intending to.
The camp nurse sent me to the hospital.
The doctors diagnosed me with cancer.
They said they could do nothing to help
And my death was coming closer than they ever imagined.
My mother was mad at herself for sending me there.
She never left me.
She wanted me to spend the time that I had left with her.
That night, I died on the hospital bed with my mother’s head on my lap.

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