Touch of an Angel

April 30, 2009
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Faith undone by broken hearts
The loving bonds now lay torn
The spirit that once walked among us
Now walks alone in my heart

Poor little angel fell down from his perch
Tried to stand up, to get up, to walk home
The child that finds the guiding light
Now walks on the path to go home

Whatever walks through these bountiful fields
Will they find their way to heaven?
Can they be touched by an angel’s love
And make their way to where they always belonged?

If I close my eyes will it be just a dream?
Will I open them and find
The world that was left behind
Alive inside of me?

Open my eyes and show me the light
The forever blazes in me
The innocence still locked away
Forever waiting to take flight

Poor little angel looking down from heaven
Touched the world before he went home
No more tears, she said to look towards tomorrow
To the day we walk to her side

You don’t know the pain of losing someone until you’re looking into your best friend’s eyes, knowing it will be the last time…

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AllSoPlayfulWhenYouDemonize said...
May 31, 2015 at 2:26 pm
Wow, I love this! You're amazing.
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