April 30, 2009
By brezzy black BRONZE, Suffolk, Virginia
brezzy black BRONZE, Suffolk, Virginia
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she lay hepless in that bed
with many thoughts in head
her mother saying:i love you so much
her father :i dont care a bout the money let my little girl live
i dont care what i will have to give
her eyes bound tightly closed
aginst her will , playing memories like shows
she wished she could talk even let out a whimper
but she couldnt all becuase her boyfriend hit her

she to move , but couldnt
her body her own prison , making her so she wouldnt
it wasnt her fault
if only time could hault
and turn back so she could say
i dont care just stay away
but she didnt
now shes trapped
imprisoned like a butterfly in cocoon
only she never emerged
to spread to her wings and fly
she died

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