I Will Not Be The Victim

April 27, 2009
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Who you come from doesnt necessarily determine who you are or what you will become.
Just because your Daddy did your mama wrong dont mean you gotta do the same.
maybe he was a pimp.
Walked with a limp.
Always had to be the leader.
But nobody ever told me that-so maybe that makes me the victim.
Who he was makes me what i am.
Kind of like follow the leader so i have to show her whos the man.
You know i'll just slap her around a lil bit to let her know she caters to me and meets my demands.
Nah im not like that.
I say no to being the victim.
I say no to being part of domestic violence.
I wont be that man.
I am who i am and not what my Daddy made me.
I am who i am and not what people stereotype me.
I am not who i am because of who i came from.
I am who i am because i am my own person with my own beliefs and i will not be the victim.

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