What happened?

April 26, 2009
By Anonymous

I don't know what to say
Have you realized its been awhile?
Since we've sat and talked for a day,
I feel like you don't think I'm worthwhile.

I can't stand to look at you anymore.
I wish you told me you appreciated me,
I can't even remember how things were before.
You used to be able to tell when I felt empty.

Do you know I feel alone?
and that I'm wishing I was enough?
Well I'm happy you can be on your own,
but what about helping me when I can't be tough?

Did you forget?
all those times I listened to you.
Did you come to have regret?
or did you realize our friendship wasn't true?

Where have you been?
I should have known you would leave,
I always felt it from within.
I never really let myself believe.

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