Dear Ana

April 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear ana, I hope youre happy
You finally grabbed me in
You waited for the worst of it
To make me see that I’m not thin.
I hear everyone talking
Their words ruin me
And I’m afraid to look in the mirror,
Afraid of what I’ll see.
My friends sometimes wonder
But I always lie
It makes me feel even worse
But it hurts for me to cry
Exercising doesn’t work
Trust me, I’ve done it forever
But your advertisement looked so perfect
I must admit, it was very clever.
Your devious plan
Using celebrities as guinea pigs
They always look so beautiful
Making people want to be twigs.
I still don’t feel pretty
I really want to feel that way
Even if it risks my happiness,
I just hate how much I weigh.
You make me feel accepted
You make me feel so strong
Even when my bones are fragile
Hopefully it wont be long.
They finally got what they wanted,
The kids who picked on me
Maybe now, they’ll shut up
And just set me free.
Thank you for your service
Thanks for the company
But it’s really time to go
Truly and Sincerely, love me

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