Battle Scars

April 24, 2009
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She walks into the room but it's to dark for me to see he assists her to her bed "Thats where you will be sleeping"/ She sounds beautiful but in the morning thats not what I see are those your battle scars are those your battle scars/ She turns over and I act like I'm asleep She climbs to her feet from her bed I wake up to meet a mystery standing up by the bed next to me/ This girl maybe 17 has got so many damn scars it's killing me to look that's when I took it all in/ She's so beautiful their all so beautiful, beautiful but they all have battle scars yea f**king battle scars are those your battle scars I said are those your battle scars/ There's one girl she's not alone at all but she feels so lonely she just wants to go home she doesn't even know/ We all try and we all fall down pick eachother up cause' thats who we are and what we must do/ I listen and I try to understand where their coming from so insecure so disturbed and I know but im not gunna let it go/ They talk about why their here well, they've all got battle scars many many battle scars are those your battle scars/ Wounds heal but feelings never go away you can try to cover them up but good luck you'll see them soon enough/ We try to be open well you see thats hard for me cause' I've seen people come and go so thats comes to show its safer to stay closed/ People stand outside your door just act like you dont notice take a break from it all and just let yourself fall/ Well their all so beautiful their all hurt inside yea you know that they all have battle scars can you tell me are those your battle scars...

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