Waiting for my name

April 26, 2009
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Waiting for my name
To be called a second time
I’m feeling giddy inside,
But surely victory is mine?

It is my mantra of hope
So that I don’t bust
With all of these emotions
Stay focused, I must.

And then it is called
Along with another’s too
We set up our stances
And get ready for round two.

The first hit caught me
Slightly unaware
But now I know his style
So he’d better beware.

An exchanging of blows,
That tired us out
Somehow I emerge
Victor of that bout.

I sat down and relax
Bit did not get excited
For I knew my next opponent
Almost as if he had a sign that was lighted.

Then I heard my name called again
This time, not first;
My emotions at the time
Were ready to burst.

It went on for a while;
We were evenly matched
But I made a small mistake,
That was then quickly snatched.

We discussed it all later
And then said “Good match”
I took home two silvers
A feat I hadn’t matched.

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