Natural Wonder

April 29, 2009
By Nick Briggs BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Nick Briggs BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Natural beauty
is so hard to come by.
That stunning landscape
with the allure
To capture the attention
of an entire nation.
But such a place does exist
If you are willing to take a trip
To go and see the Grand Canyon

One would not expect
a place like the Canyon
To be so important
to its earthly companions
With vast amounts of barren space
A lifeless land. A desolate place.
Little water ever in sight.
Vultures circling
overhead in flight.
Yet the Canyon still remains
In the hearts and minds
of millions.

A giant crack
on the face of the Earth.
A natural wonder
of tremendous girth.
A center of tourism
With crowds of visitors every year
That gain pleasure from it
In so many different ways.

I have heard many stories
about the Canyon
And I know one thing to be true.
My eventual trip to the Canyon cannot wait,
For soon it might be too late.
Before it dries up even more
Or fills with toxic waste.
Before it engulfs the Earth's crust
Or is blown up in a cloud
of nuclear dust.

And so I must,
Before I die,
Visit this place.
For I know that it will bring
A smile to my face.

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