My Frenemy is Near

April 29, 2009
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I leap out the door;
I sprint to the swings;
My feet stop short
As I spot my frenemy.

When did she get here?

Swinging on those swings
With my friends just glowing,
The hurt she causes, not caring.

What can I do but trudge away?

We can’t play together;
We have to stay apart.
That’s what the teacher said,
But now it’s worse.

How did all this start?

We were once best friends forever,
But now that’s all over.
Her devious ways bring tears to my eyes;
Never again will she be by my side.

Why doesn’t my teacher help me?

The teacher thinks it’s fixed,
But the problem is still here.
Now I can’t play with anyone
As long as my frenemy is near.

Who can solve this?

With my friends in sight,
I march toward the swings;
My frenemy will have to deal
Because this isn’t right.

Can I fix this?

I cannot change her,
But I have to stand up for myself!
I choose my friends and make her squirm.
Her scheming ways cause no more harm.

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