Safe Snow Snuggle

April 29, 2009
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Frozen rain becomes snow,
As the piles grow and grow,
Greyest of grey clouds fill the skies,
Snow floating down like butterflies,

Weather like this is never unjust,
The snowflakes smile down on us,
Some waiting, wanting for the barriers to fall,
But we’re safe, sheltered inside these walls,

Snow is the goddess of the storm,
Welcomed by nature as if it were warm,
White, so white it is almost clear,
Reminds us of the simpler years,

Candle light is flickering,
The rough wind whispers sweet nothings,
Snow like rain on an old man’s hat,
Pit pat pit pat pit pat pit pat,

Sunlight and society are our enemies,
Because this melting moment mends memories,
We are stranded here in exquisite seclusion,
Holding hands in perfect union.

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