April 28, 2009
By Anonymous

You want to quit
But you can’t
There is an invisible force
That keeps driving me forward
There is a parrot on my shoulder
A fairy in my ear
Whispering perseverance
And to keep going
And pushing strong
As low as you feel sometimes
Keep moving forward
Trudging on
Rising up
To the top
And front and center
Until you are where you want to be
You want it to end all the time
Trekking on with underlying determination
And a reeling mind
That never ceases to stop thinking
And rhyming words
And creating stanzas
And in the background you hear perseverance
It’s still there
And will be forever
So you keep on walking
And thinking
You will keep on going
Over the mountain
And regain hope
And persevere
And keep going
Until the end
And you succeed

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