April 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Maybe it' your smile,
that never fails to make me blush

Or maybe it's your charm,
that I cannot seem to resist

Maybe it's your touch,
that sends electric shocks through my body

Or could it be your sweet embrace,
that always leaves me light headed

Maybe it's your arms,
that wrap around me tightly

Or maybe it' your hands,
that intertwine with mine so nicely

But what bout your lies,
that left me played?

What about the way you lead me on,
then went straight back to her?

How about the time,
when you told me nothing happened

And the time you said you were a guy,
and that I shouldn't trust you

Maybe it was when I fell in love,
and yet you didn't love me

Maybe it's how you had my heart,
and acted as if it were nothing

I want to say that I am through,
but know in my mind it is a lie

I've taken you back four times already,
what's once more?

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