April 27, 2009
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Simply from the norm, a butterfly.
Divine in beauty, and gifted with grace.
One of a kind.
With a unique waft in her appearance.
Moving with continuous motion, in spirals, and helical patterns.
Then, a demon with sharp ears and almost bane looking teeth.
They both dance for hours.
Complete hush.
A slight sound, unexpected, pierces, paralyzing her.
Everything stops.
Reasoning, consciousness, breathing, thinking, belief, being.
She plummets down into a straight fall to damnation.
The demon falls below, waiting.
Wanting to fill its gut with innocence.
At the very point of demise.
At the brink of death, she obtains the will to change.
For her being.
With a sudden whip of her wings, she releases an energy, bending the demon.
Complete hush.
Then, light.
The demon falls, never to devour.
She reasons, becomes aware, breathes, contemplates, believes, lives.
Glides away on the winds of change.
To recreate her new serenity.

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