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April 29, 2009
By Claire Bush SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
Claire Bush SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I’m from flowers, vegetables, and “knee-high by July,”
From dirt beneath my fingers and hard earned satisfaction,
From seedlings, buds, and everlasting blooms.
I’m from scintillating scents in the balmy summer breeze.

I’m from dramas, mysteries, comedies, and romances,
From sad endings and “Happily ever afters.”
I’m from salted popcorn and soda cups with free refills,
From Sweet Tarts and baggies hidden in purses.

I’m from wet whiskers and noses and velvety fur,
From expectant eyes and unconditional love following my gestures,
From dirty paws and sloppy kisses wherever I turn,
From naps in the grass as hours pass by.

I’m from “Hoot and Holler Hour,”
From tortilla chips and cheese dip,
From names, numbers, and “No excuses!”
I’m from tie-breakers, blow-outs, and “not even close’s.”

I’m from billboard games and “slug-bugs,”
From “Is that the right exit?”
I’m from GPS and MapQuest and new places for exploring,
From tires, blinkers, and “crazy freeway drivers!”

I’m from memories and new beginnings,
Not knowing what comes next,
Forever looking forward,
Never forgetting where I’m from.

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