Clueless and Brokenhearted

April 27, 2009
Words cant express the words i do dread to say.
If i had a heart now, it would be grey.
You broke my heart, and left me clueless.
i wish i had someone to help me through this.
I was honest, I was true, I was happy, but were you?
You left me on the road to nowhere.

i have no idea where to go.
By my side you would guide me, this pain not yet to show.
They say you dont know what you have till its gone.
But just let me tell you, thats all wrong.
I knew what i had, Right from the start.
But in the end, that all fell apart.
I can honestly say, I knew it was coming.
So i tried getting away, endlessly running.
It caught up to me though, that is a sad but true fact.
When you dropped those words on me, i had no time to react.
But now that the tears that run down my face remind me of what we used to have,
i'll always remember the true, love that i once had.

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