Why Sky?

May 3, 2009
By Mallory Lott BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
Mallory Lott BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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The skies of blue and gray were dark and hardly hurt my eyes.
Something was unusual; I could tell from just the skies.
Between the banging sounds outside my house that woke me with a fright
And the suitcases and boxes that were packed throughout the night,
I knew something was happening the moment I awoke.
And If I am remembering last night right, everyone was taking this thing as a joke.
As I passed the hallways and out the French doors, all blank and undecorated,
I saw the noisy culprit: the front window was boarded up and shaded.
At this I felt uninformed and annoyed, for I was in the mood for the party.
It’s funny how I really wouldn’t know that our guests would be two years tardy.
The voyage was a long one; yet, it seemed two minutes short.
And much to my chagrin, the hotel was no resort.
Entering the crummy residence that would soon become my home
Was the last thing I was up for, so instead, I decided to roam.
Sneaking past the men with badges through the electric doors to outside,
I was blown to the ground onto my back; struggling, I looked up and cried.
The sky had changed in a way that made my stomach fill with fear…
I realized this was not another free vacation,
I realized my life would change right here.
I couldn’t comprehend how last night we planned to celebrate
And today the earth and its natural forces were about to change my fate.
It’s ironic how I depended on the skies to convey my deep emotion,
And yet it was the fault of the skies that turned my home and life into a stormy ocean.

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August 29, 2005

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