Blackout Beauty

April 16, 2009
By The_White_Devil BRONZE, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
The_White_Devil BRONZE, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
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While walking down another dark, ice covered road, I brace myself, for the immense chill that is sends down my spine. It's quiet in the distance, all except for the always silence breaking, crack, woosh, and then shatter of the constant falling sheets of ice. No lights other than the shine of the stars, dancing gracefully across each patch of snow. I like to think of them as individual snowflake fairies. With noone around but me in sight. No cars, loud music, no TV glare, no groups of roudy teens from over there. It's better that way. I have time to myself, just me and the darkness. To others it's ugly or stupid or bad, but to me it's just gorgeous. A power outage isn't a horrible accident, it's an opportunity. You can get to know things better. Because even if others may find it disfigured, I just find it beautiful.

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