The Vow

April 21, 2009
I don't need you to guide me
To provide me with a comfortable way through life
I need you to be with me
When the road I've taken bends, and I lose my even keel
I don't need you to hold me up
With all your strength against my back
I need you by my side,
Leaned on and leaning in turn
Together we'll stagger on
With steps that may falter but never cease.
If I vow to never let you support me completely,
It's not because I doubt your strength.
I'll keep my soul, and you'll keep yours
And we’ll see the wonder of the two wholes intertwined
Like the vines creeping up the lattices and stones we pass
On our way to our own destinies
I don't need you to provide meaning to my life
I need you to share it with me
Oh! travel with me
Our journey's long
And there's so much more to see
Until we end up in our own hideaway
Lattices and ivy like our fingers in the sunset.

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