drifting Alone

April 21, 2009
By Anonymous

I sit on that swing behind the dark tree
I stare at the park, at everyone around me
I see people walk past me and don’t even turn
I swing back and forth as the wind runs through every strand of hair
Feeling as a bird free to spread my wings and fly
Imagining as if I’m soaring above looking down at the rest
Not a care in the world that fills my head

I look down at the little sand box and see four little girls
They are building a sand castle with Minnie mouse buckets
Oh how they remind me of us!

I look at the slides and see four little girls racing down
Fighting about who hit the ground first
Oh how they remind me of us!

I look at the swings and see four little girls holding hands
Swinging together higher and higher
Oh how they remind me of us!

Now I look behind the trees and see four young ladies with four young boys
Playing Truth or Dare, hair tossing and high pitched giggles
Oh how the remind me us!

I look and see four teenage girls having a picnic on the grass
Gossiping, sharing secrets, laughing so loud
Oh how they remind me of us!

I drift a little lower, not so high up now, and look at four mothers
Playing with their children, so happy together
Oh how I wish we can be them!

I then turn my head to the benches and see four little old ladies,
They are feeding the pigeons, yelling at children, as happy as they can be
Oh how I wish we can be them!

I soar back down to the ground, my feet hitting the wet sand
I’m back to reality, back to my life
Our promises as friends are left in our memories
The hands we once held are slowly drifting apart
The bird is leaving the flock to fly solo again
Growing up together was our plan
Now I’m not so sure
I don’t think they even know I’m gone!

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