Our Friendship

April 20, 2009
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Next to each other
In our cribs.
Twenty-eight days apart.
In our wailing
Our friendship began
And blossomed, then grew
From diapers to Barney
To Barbies and makeup.

Same clothes, same interests.
Mistaken for twins,
And our bond strengthened.

You lived far away
But that never mattered.
We were best friends
“Forever”, we promised.

You taught me what a true friend was.
Through thick and thin
You were there.
The sister that I never had.

Then we started to drift apart
Farther and farther away.
I invited you over
But you never came.
I called you
But you never answered.

No more sleepovers
No more calls
No more emails
And only the occasional “hi” online.

Everything was different, now.
We were changing, growing up.

I wanted to go shopping
You preferred soccer.

Different music
Different clothes
Different friends
Different you.

For days I cried.
What went wrong?
Was this my fault, was it me?
I tried so hard
To keep us together.
But you didn’t
Did you not care?

I was so angry
Full of hurt.
You lied to me.
Yeah right!
Didn’t I mean anything??

Finally one day
I realized the truth-
It wasn’t my fault.
Not yours.
Not anyone’s.

People grow up
And people change.

I think we both know
Our friendship isn’t the same.

Because we aren’t either.

Still, I can’t lose a friend like you.
I’ll just try harder to stay together-
Hard enough for both of us.
I have to do this
I can’t let you go
Because the truth is, C,
I really miss you.

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