My Star

April 20, 2009
By Jexxi SILVER, Houston, Texas
Jexxi SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I know that you have better things to do,
but these dreary days are dull without you.
For so long, I‘m trying to make my move
Staring at the wall, I practice, “I love you.”

I’m playing with words, trying out my lines
Please don’t laugh; I’ll get it right this time.
But every time I try, it ends up the same,
Your luminous glow puts the stars to shame.

Your smile can always light up the room,
& your laughter is quick to rid my gloom.
Let me hold your heart, it won’t break nor bleed
& I promise to keep it close to me.

My desperate attempts are simply tragic
& love is the closest I have to magic.
If I could fill all of my words with air
I’d fly you through the stars in space, I swear.

& I’ll do almost anything you say
Tell me, “Get lost.” I'll ask “How far away?"
It’s late & I can’t keep open my eyes
But if you be my star, I’ll be your sky.

The author's comments:
For Karina, whose star has yet to be engulfed by my sky..

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