April 20, 2009
Heed not the statues glory-tall,
Eye-seeking, countenance proud,
Such statues hath no freedom call,
No sacred story were endowed,

Heed not their glowing, marble stature,
Flawless as the rising sun,
Each facet glowing shine doth capture,
Such head lifts high for no one,

Such statue is but icy marble,
Picture upon the sediment Earth,
Hath no past at which to marvel,
Speaks not of a nation’s birth,

Such statue hath lips ceased of movement,
‘Twas built without story tell,
Carved of ocular omnipotence,
Meaningless when it fell,

Statue in a million,
Care not of petty scene,
Stands tall of greater reason,
Story within copper gleam,

Conceived of Freedom,
Christened of Equality,
Tale told in solid stone,
Haven, shelter, doth she pity,
The poor, cold, and alone,

Hold high she with silent torch,
Calling to the seven seas,
Unmoving flame cannot scorch,
The sea-tossed refugees,

Open wide she of immobile arms,
Step forth from crumbled chains,
Gatekeeper of opportunity,
Heal their aching pains,

What became her caring ways?
Sealed now with chains her loving doors,
We her children locked the gate,
And welcomed our brethren no more…

With unmoving eyes she weeps,
The silent knowledge that she keeps,
Lost souls barred from our land,
And we who once faced their fate,
No longer understand.

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M.A.C. said...
Nov. 23, 2009 at 7:32 pm
Some of this is pretty good, but there are a few parts that seem a little unsteady.
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