My Home is in the Clouds

April 15, 2009
By davidbrah BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
davidbrah BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Take me where the acid trips take
The man in the alleyway
Past the bags full of food that’s too
Fast for the average consumer

Under the stars that look down
Upon him like the eyes of angels
And in front of the elderly grandma
Who’s stowed away the couple grand to sit on
Until her eyes lock the door for the last time

I wish to soar up through the balcony
And over the solar system
Let the changing hues flood my vision
With precise precision, and let me float like
Tourists on the Dead Sea

Bring my family and reunite the loved
Ones that were lost to love
The heroes whose white flags never
Entered the sky
The ones I never knew, but always
Wanted the best for me and my future

The author's comments:
I'd like for the reader to read this and realize that there is more than just the Earth which we live on. There are places above and beyond the clouds that are much greater and uncomprehendable to the human mind. I imagaine those things an/or places bringing comfort and hospitality. Gravity doesn't exist above the clouds and the atmosphere, so let's just float on.

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