The tragic tale of Juliet and her Romeo

April 15, 2009
By pansyxvampire BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
pansyxvampire BRONZE, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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It shouldn’t be like this
end it all with that poison kiss
shadows dance to the suicide rhymes
as the dead silently question
whom these strange figures are
in their tomb
glooming peace
gathering rain clouds
of warm, spring rain
and that the rain be that of spring
holds more true then can be known
for through the deaths
a new bud of harmony has been born
faith. loyalty. death.
the results of
star-crossed love. poison. a dagger
bloodied by rose petal tears
and the bitter draught of venom.
never before and never again
was their a tale of more woe
then that of Juliet
and her beloved Romeo

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