Monsters Ball

April 15, 2009
Random things go through your head
Hallucinations in your bed
The purple llama sings its song
The world it seems it’s gone all wrong

Within the confines of these walls
You can hear the monsters ball
Creeping, crawling, scooching, screeching
Blood is pumping, hearts are beating

Only option, just one left
Out the window, out the bed
Onto the ground, land on your head
Still alive the light has fled

The pain recedes your vision blurs
You soon awake, as your mind stirs
Another day, the sun is high
Your tension’s released, with a long drawn sigh

On the ground you’re almost dead
Monumental injuries to your head
Still you persist, and up you go
You look and see the monsters show

Up and down they dance and clap
In unison they start to snap
Now you’ve gone through the nightmare’s twists and bends
The light turns on the nightmare ends

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