April 14, 2009
By Hayley Timmons BRONZE, Lagrange, Georgia
Hayley Timmons BRONZE, Lagrange, Georgia
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The pain that rages in the storm
the crying feeling left in the form,
of bleeding tears and broken hearts
of weeping willows and sour tarts,

princess, prince, king and queen
fairy tales are left unseen,
evil spirits are absurd
broken fragile and left uncured,

silly straight nice and plain
the raging heat's not in vain,
coming up with tall tall tales
all because you are afraid to fail,

left without a safe place to hide
doesn't make up for the tears you've cried,
endless days left with nothing
wish that you could just feel something,

your eyes are red and your bodies sore
your laying on the bloody floor ,
no more hits you scream in pain
he ignores you he's gone insane,

he beats you and beats you till he can't anymore
the police are there and they can't believe the gore,
suddenly it all comes to a stop
and he's arrested by the cop,

you wake up in the hospital bed
blue and black from toe to head,
over and over abuse went on
no one knew except her mom,

now it's over and he's in jail
and it's the end of this sad sad tale.

The author's comments:
This was written by me because My mom actually got beaten when she was in a relationship with my biological father and noone knew. It went on for a very long time and I just wanted to show people that this does go on and that they need to show more people that this could really happen.

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