Wake up

April 13, 2009
By Tony Foley BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
Tony Foley BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
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Wake up and smell the fresh air
Feel the breeze in your hair
Catch a flight at O'hare
To see the man in the air
I feel the need to declare
Good music's definitely rare
I admit it's unfair
To those with talent and flair

NO, tell me what do you know?
The words woman and girl have been replaced by
Hoe, did you think about it? No.
Forsaken are the virtues of the inner soul
Did I think about it? Yes.
As a test of my true understanding
Did I quit? No, no!
I'm on a quest for the best for the rest of them
Man on the corner, with my music I am blessing him
Those other cats know I'm stressin' it
Guns and fame are supposedly synonyms
And the money, and the bling, and rings
Bros know they got it when they hear the "ching-ching"
Damn man, how the hell can you survive?
Knowing that your words are why you thrive
Do you hear what you make up?
I think you need to wake up

The author's comments:
This was originally written as a song, however I have used this in poetry slams before, and it still works well.

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