The Perfect Place

April 13, 2009
By Rowan GOLD, Roseville, Minnesota
Rowan GOLD, Roseville, Minnesota
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There is a house beside the river
With flowers in the front
And an old oak tree in the corner
A concrete walkway leads up to a
Blue and white door
A basket of flowers hangs above
A small garden wall
Inside the the door
The living room is all blue
Deep blue carpet and
Blue plates hung in patterns
On the wall
Blue and white couches
Rainbows from prisms
Hanging in the widows
Above the standing bushes and
Trees in huge pots
Under hanging vines
And flowering plants
Across from the corner row of windows
Is back to the entryway
With a red carpet and an old piano
Wood figures adorn the piano
And more figures and glass objects stand on
Cabinets full of beautiful things
The dining room table is covered
With a spotless table cloth
And a vase of flowers
The fireplace is old
With a screen of metal rings
I played with as a little girl
Opening and closing it
To find the Christmas nisse
Pictures on the mantel show the
Passing of time
Three rooms down the hall
A pink and gray bathroom
Auburn guest bedroom
And my grandparents bedroom
With a four poster bed and
Pictures on the walls and
In the frame of the giant mirror
Over the dresser
And on the dresser there are
Bottles of perfume
They smell like the house
Like my grandmother
Like my grandfather
And there are necklaces and
Rings and earrings
In a nice wooden box on the corner
Then down the hall is the
Computer room with the new
White computer
Back door to the garage with the little car
Black leather interior and
The garden with an electric fence
To keep out the rabbits
At the birdhouse are blue jays and cardinals
And old gray squirrels
Across from the back door is the basement
With a TV and mini library
Laundry room and a workroom
And more bedrooms
After the stairs is the kitchen
The memory place
Where my grandmother reads
While my grandfather cooks
Or visa versa
And we all talk
And play Masterpiece
And eat cinnamon toast and pound cake
And drink rhubarb punch
As a family

Santa’s workshop can’t be any better
Than this house
Safe and warm and fun
Filled with memories
And laughter
And most importantly

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