Pouring My Heart Out

April 24, 2009
By Morgan Bell BRONZE, Parkville, Maryland
Morgan Bell BRONZE, Parkville, Maryland
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I sat on my bed, pouring my heart out
Don’t ask me why I was pouring my heart out
Sometimes this world upsets me
Sometimes it even shames me to know I even live in such a crazy world
So, as I sat on the bed pouring my heart out, I asked myself,
“Why the world gotta be so crazy?”
So crazy that it makes you pour your heart out?
The kind of crying where you can’t stop to eat or think or sleep
And when you finally do sleep, you wake up crying
The kind of feeling where you hate the world, everyone, and their mother
As I sat and cried, hurting my heart, I thought about all the madness in the world and how God was the only one that could change it
And I thought, it takes more energy to hate than love
More energy to frown than smile
It hurt to frown and I missed my smile
But I look out that window,
And a smile doesn’t even cross my mind
Even though it hurts, there’s no way out my misery, pain and weariness
I have to continue with pouring my heart
Until my worrying, weary heart melts away
And I sit on my bed with no feeling
My mind empty
No expression on my face
But that’s better
Than Pouring My Heart Out!

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem at a time in my life when I felt as though no one cared about me, and I was not loved. But that's the past...and I know that it's not true.

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