Ballad of Sorrows

April 22, 2009
By tragically_romantic BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
tragically_romantic BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
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I try to explain that things aren’t going right,
And I’ll make her listen for a moment.
But then she’s faced with disbelief.

That can’t be you,
You’re too young to know how that feels.
Little does she know of my sufferings.

I understand how it feels to love,
I understand how it feels to be broken,
Why doesn’t she recognize why I’m like this?

Like I’m supposed to live with,
A shadow of a life forgotten,
Haunting me everywhere I go.

Like I’m supposed to live with,
Countless heartbreaks,
Tearing more and more each day.

How come when I put my heart into something,
It always comes back more hurt than before,
I often ask myself why I keep trying.

Something tells me that one day it will be worth the pain,
That all the little tears inside will be patched,
Like one day things just may turn out ok.

But that’s not how it has been,
And I’ve tried to ask for help,
But she says I’m too young to understand.

Everyday that I come home,
I lock myself in my room so I can be alone,
She says I’m straying from the family-doesn’t she know?

She says all I care about are my friends,
The truth is that they’re the only ones I can count on,
The only ones who have ever made me feel better; loved.

She says that I can open up to her,
What she doesn’t get is that I’ve tried,
And she says she’ll help but never follows through.

I may be running away from the things that scare me the most,
But I am not a coward,
I have looked fear in the eyes before.

Chills up and down,
Uncontrollable shaking,

It’s hard enough beginning this life alone,
Even harder to almost lose a friend,
But hardest to be on your own.

All this pain and suffering,
Can’t you just take it all away?
Spare me the agony of living.

Like a knife to the heart,
I am engulfed in a downward spiral,
The stabbing numbness ever present.

Just take it all away,
I can’t handle it;
Free my mind and spirit.

But I fear death,
And that is not what I seek,
Dying is easy—but living takes strength.

So I ask out-loud to the power within,
Let me spread my wings and fly,
Teach me how to be free.

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