Getting Over You

April 22, 2009
By speedofdark SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
speedofdark SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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How did I get to be this way?
For so long everything had been okay
You decided the end with no hesitation
Leaving me to wonder your motivation
I begged and begged for you to stay
But you left me here to rot away
You kept walking telling me not to follow
But can’t you see that without you I’m left hollow?

I feel like a stranger in my own skin
And all I want is your love again
And I wonder if that day will ever come
As I sit here alone and numb
To hurt, to pain, to love
I scream out and yell to the above,
“What did I do to deserve this?
And why do I still crave for the taste of his kiss?”

But I will never get a single answer
As I slowly die from being my own cancer
And I have you to thank for that, my dear.
As for now, I have to get out of here.
So I’m out into the streets of sorrow
Searching for a soul to borrow
And looking for a blinding light
As I walk through the endless night

I’m a minute away from having no pain.
But a second away from going insane.
You’ve done something no one can erase.
So what if I disappeared without a trace?
Would then you finally start to miss me?
Is that what it would take for you to see?
Or would you continue to run and hide
Within the mask of your own vicious lie?
Shaking your head as you still deny
That I’m even worth a single cry.

....But deep down you know that I am,
And you bury those emotions as deep as you can
Because the day you admit how you truly feel
Is the day that all your pain becomes real.
And that day will come, there is no doubt
Because a heart is a hard thing to live without.
And by the time you realize what you’ve lost
My redemption will already be well embossed
Because each day I continue to recover
From the pain that should be caused by no lover
And it’s taken me this long to see
Because you always said you would die for me
But in the end, when all was said and done,
You were the one holding the fired gun
And I lay there wounded on the ground
Struggling to free myself from your love that bound

But now I am not held by you anymore
I see now what I was blind to before
You had filled me with fantasies of forever;
Told me that not for a moment, would our love sever
You said we would always be the perfect match
And that you would be there to make that catch
If ever I was to stumble and fall
You had me surrounded by your evil thrall

But I finally see through your tale of fiction
And have overcome you as my addiction
And don’t have to cry another tear
Because my head is once and for all free and clear
And you will cause no more blood and thunder
And now all I have to do is wonder
How did I get to be this way?
For so long I thought I’d never be the same

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