Racing Blue

April 22, 2009
By Madi_Cocuzza BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Madi_Cocuzza BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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I wipe down the chain of my steed
So I can gain the most speed.
For him and I will be in a race against the best,
And for ten miles we will have no rest.

They call warm up lap for junior,
That’s my call to become an actor.
I stay behind and act as if I am struggling,
I will psych out my competitors by just shrugging.

As I pull into the start,
Pounding hard is my heart.
I pull on my gloves tight
For this will surely be a fight.

My helmet I clip on.
This is not the time to yawn.
My shoes I clip on to the pedal.
I am sure to win a medal.

Ready, set, GO!
There is no time to be slow.
I make sure to stay with the front pack.
From here on out, I can not slack.

First mile down and I am all right,
We all move so fast as if at the speed of light.
Around the turn, I hear the tires sing,
And it reminds me that this is the real thing.

The song of the tires’ is one so sweet.
Who would of thought it was being made by just rubber and street.
I thank my ride, Blue, for staying strong
Even though some might think talking to my bike is wrong.

Up in front of me I see something that makes me wanna scream,
Team Green is setting up a screen.
Others start to yell of disapproval
For the rest of us do not want a screen done by our rival.

I lose track of my lap count,
Until my coach calls,”Four laps out!”
I know of this screen I must break free,
For I can not let this team get so far in front of me.

Around a sharp turn I see my calling,
My place in this race I will start installing.
Now the screen has crumbled
And so have the mumbles.

Third place I am in,
But my energy is starting to wear quite thin.
The gasping of air is beginning,
But my heart is still on the goal of winning.

I change my gears from third to first,
As not to make the pain in my legs any worst.
I’m in the top five I know for sure,
As cramps I start to endure.

I know I can not give up now,
So down the street I begin to plow.
The bell rings for our last lap
And fans begin to clap.

Around the last corner here we come
And my heart starts to pound like a bongo drum.
The finish line is clearly in my sight,
So I start to pedal with all my might!

For the last leg we are a surely going,
So I hope you are ready for a showing.
With all my strength I pass a few,
Five, four, three and all the way to two!

Pedaling hard I am for the last stretch,
For the championship is mine to fetch.
Around and round go my feet.
For I will not allow to be beat.

Neck and neck we sure are,
And the finish line is not far.
Until the very end I keep on fighting,
Boy, this part is so exciting.

As I watch the finish line go under my front tire,
My legs feel burnt out like an extinguished fire.
I cant believe the way I feel.
Tired, yet adrenaline keeping me going like my front wheel.
When I dismount hugs I am greeted with
For I did not get fifth.
Great I must of done
For they tell me I have won.

I know I did not do this by self.
If I had I would not be putting a trophy on my shelf.
For I know I am one of few,
That get to go RACING BLUE.

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