My Heart Ran Away

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

My heart gout up and left today,
she walked down the hall,
and ran out the gate.
Before she left she sat me down,
and did not allow me to make a sound.

"I'm tired of being given away,
only to be returned on some later day.
I've been crushed and beaten,
turned black and blue,
but somehow that is not enough for you.
Well I'm done,
I won't do it anymore.
You send me off,
you let them in,
and are surprised
when the same story
plays out again and again.
I am always returned,
they always leave,
and you are left only to grieve.
A heart shouldn't have to go through so much,
I don't see how this is just bad luck.
And so I'm leaving,
I just can't take another beating.
No, don't ask me to stay,
it truly is time for me to go away.
Love after love,
friend after friend,
I refuse to play this game again.
Now, please don't cry,
it'll be alright,
as soon as I'm gone
and out of sight
your tears will dry.
And unless I return,
they won't burn your eyes again.
Goodbye, I say, goodbye!
To say I'll see you again,
would be a lie."

And with that final line,
my heart got up and left.
She ran down the stairs,
and jumped the fence.
She turned and waved
as she walked away,
and I knew I'd never
see her again.

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