United As One

March 29, 2009
By Katie Melone BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
Katie Melone BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
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Bottle caps, so many different colors
Sticking out, like a sore thumb
Many people, all so different….yet so a-like
Everyone hanging out like friends, even though they just met

50 states, one united nation
Hundreds of countries, one world
Billions of stars in one gal-axy
We’re united as one, united as one!

We are like a rope, looped around in many knots. We are united as one
All from different parts of the world
We are united as one.

7 oceans all together on Earth and
one day you will wake up and
never know where time
went or where you are
But you are always united as one
all united as one.

Even if…you change your mind…we will stay together as one united nation

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