April 20, 2009
By Pineappliiy SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Pineappliiy SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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Seasons knelt
At my foot
Kissed it good-bye
Then ran
Like the man
Who ran
The million dollar march

Summer reminded me
Of swinging my feet
As the pendulum watch does
From the swing
Sucking popsicles
That was so cold
When I blew my breath
Summer disappeared
Playing hides-and –seeks
Neighborhood Cooties
Digging in dirt
Trying to find the earthworms
That was so cool
They visited the center of the earth

Winters delivered
Hanging quilts on the walls
Shaking and shivering
Wet dogs
Small snowstorm
That occurred in the 90s
Dreaming about the erosion
Soups with so many forming words
That I knew my alphabet
Before I came
Winters left with
That thrust inside and out
Of my throat

Spring arrived at my door
With Tuna fish sandwiches
HI-C juice boxes
Sitting in the front yard
Digging earthquakes
Breaking windows with our voices
Nothing lived outside
Of the brilliancy
Of flowers grabbing
The dullness
Slinging it
Then throwing it back
Where non-beauty belonged

Red, yellow, brown leaves
Walked all over
The Jolly orange Jolly pumpkin patches
Facing and speaking
Ghouls and goblins
Million dollar costumes
Jumped roped all around the neighborhoods
Licking their way to tooth decays

Seasons knelt
At my foot
Kissed it good-bye
Then ran
Like the man
Who ran
The million dollar march

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Ruthey GOLD said...
on Apr. 27 2009 at 6:49 pm
Ruthey GOLD, West Midlands, Other
16 articles 0 photos 19 comments
I LOVE IT!!! really great and vivid. the use of memories is fantastic and the use of brand names also really makes it familiar. i think the enjambement isn't right in a few places though, maybe you should check out where the lines break again? other than that, wonderful!


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