Stairs of Old Town Park City, Utah

April 20, 2009
By Robert Neuhauser BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Robert Neuhauser BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I have been walking
up those stairs for years
near my house…
three long sets of at least 50 steps.

The first set is easy…
the second set is a little steep
but actually the easiest,

and the last set is the hardest;
it’s very steep…
darkest because
it’s covered in trees
lingering over the steps

…something out of a bad scary movie.

You think to yourself
is this ever going to end,

extremely out of breath,
but my house is right there
next to the top of the stairs.

I come home and open the door,
go straight to the couch
and collapse….

Letting out a deep breath
and turning on the TV
for about 30 minutes
then do something else.

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